Three Tips to Work Remotely During Corona Virus

Last week the governor of Florida and the mayor of Miami-Dade County decided to start preparing us for the infamous coronavirus pandemic. Although the world is in fear of this virus, all businesses still need to keep running. The law firm that I currently work for, has been preparing us to work remotely. Our health is their priority. I have been witnessing the way they are preparing us all and although not every single 200+ employees in the building will be working from home, they are at least preparing us for social distancing. For instance, I will be working from home for one week, the next I’ll be in the office. According to Deloitte’s research, there are 75% of Millenials that belief working from home policy is very important today. I will share four tips that I have asked the information technology department as well as I have witnessed myself from the preparations since last week.

  1. Schedule Daily Check-Ins: Whether it is a phone conversation, email sign-ins, Jabber (business chat) check-ins, there needs to be a digital interaction with your co-workers and clients. I recommend GoToMeeting, Zoom, Glip, Skype, and Google Hangouts.
  2. Communicate Regularly. Communication is crucial in business, relationships, friendships. Stay in touch with your clients and co-workers, check-in when you are logged in when you go to lunch and get back from it as well when you are logging off.
  3. Provide Resources. When working remotely all employees must have the required resources and software to continue working as smoothly as possible. 

These three small tips will help you and your law firm to work remotely as smooth as possible. Thankfully in today’s digital world, this can work, it will take time to adjust but if you work as a team and communicate it will help the business grow. Trust in your team and co-workers!