Rising in Martial Arts

When I started practicing Muay Thai three years ago I never thought it would lead me to where I am today. You’re probably wondering, what does Muay Thai have to do with your career or marketing? Well, let me first introduce you to what Muay Thai is. Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is the national martial art of Thailand. It was developed hundreds of years ago as a way of close-combat that utilizes the entire human body as a weapon. I have been a Paralegal for the past 5 years, Muay Thai has connected me to everything I am today; it has kept me disciplined, focused, and mentally strong. Once you have created a target market and a brand image, it is important to create brand awareness. I have created my brand and brand awareness through martial arts. Educate your customers on what your services offer and how it can benefit them. The gym I go to, Black House Miami Beach facilitates the needs of their customers and is always open to new ideas. A tip I learned is if your gym is offering classes for weight loss and improved health, describe how this will be achieved. From the amenities available to the experience the coaches provide. Be very detailed so individuals understand the service. Try to focus on one area at a time to avoid confusion and major advertising costs. The sweet part of martial arts is that the target market age ranges from 6-year-old children to 70-year-old seniors.