Personal Branding

In today’s world, a lot of people are exposing their persona through social media, although they may or may not realize this, they have a personal brand. The content you provide on your social media represents you and who you are. If a person doesn’t know me personally, they can easily click on my Instagram and or LinkedIn profile and get to know what I like to do for fun, my career, accomplishments and hobbies. However, you cannot control how certain audiences feel toward your personal brand, but you can always control whether you’d like to represent a positive or negative personal brand. Throughout the years (mistakes) we learn what we should put out to the “world” and what we should keep to ourselves. I always try to remain authentic to my personal brand and provide guidance to what I have gained knowledge in.

A personal brand is a rare combination of experiences, skills that make you the person that you are. In other words, you’re presenting yourself to the world. Effective personal branding will separate you from the competition and expose you to gain build and gain trust with prospective clients. In this article, I interviewed five experts in the marketing industry about their opinions, and here is what they had to say:

Dr. Anthony Miyazaki

“Most people agree that a strong personal brand or reputation is important for anyone who provides a personal service to others, but that’s particularly true for someone in the self-defense and martial arts areas. Because personal safety is such a basic need for humans, people have to feel a great deal of confidence regarding those who will train them in how to protect themselves in dangerous situations. Thus, from a personal branding perspective, providers of self-defense services need to develop their brands based on building consumer confidence in both their capabilities to provide top-level training as well as their trustworthiness to do so in an ethical manner.”

Dr. Miyazaki is a brand strategist and the executive director of marketing and analytics at Florida International University, College of Business. Dr. Miyazaki focuses on building brands, people brands to be precise. He has helped develop the only Master’s Degree in Marketing that has a three-part focus on Digital, Branding, and Analytics.

Ana L. Barrera

“A brand is what someone says about you when you walk out of a room. Building a personal brand for yourself or business will allow you to create value for your customers. The why to any personal brand should always keep the end-user in mind. You want to bring value to consumers and make them feel something about your brand, product or service. You should ask yourself what sets you apart from others and will help push your branding to the top. ”

Ana is a go-getter, ambitious, driven woman. She is a Marketing Manager at Road America and the founder and chief executive officer of Succession Marketing. She is currently attending Florida International University to obtain her Master’s in Marketing Degree. Ana focuses on brand strategies and digital marketing.

Andrea Flores

“Branding is a name, voice, message, an image that portrays a story, specific color schemes, strategical designs, packaging, and psychological tactics that all lead to conversions. With successful branding, you’re able to connect a product and/or service to consumers and build a loyal community. The result of brand loyalty is sales and referrals. As a woman playing a role in this industry, it allows me to listen and express through creativity. I’m in it for the long run!”

Andrea Flores, better known as “Drea” is a photographer, marketer, creative director, content creator, and digital storyteller. After cultivating a loyal following on her social media platforms she found her passion in developing campaign strategies for brands. Drea is the co-founder of clip.collective. Clip.collective is about two passionate creative ladies that focus on brand strategies to bring awareness to CBD products.

Anamaria Bautista Castellanos, MS

“My experience as a media supervisor has been an eye opener as it is allowing me to build my own path and figure out where I want to be 5 years from now. Media is one of the key components of any Marketing strategy as it allows brands to be exposed on the best outlets/vehicles available based on their overall strategies and goals. Being literate on this element and mastering it, then it is easier to tackle the remaining parts.”

Anamaria is a Media Supervisor at MediaCom. She has built strong client relationships serving as one of the key contacts for all day-to-day activity, overseeing preparation of National media plans and completion of key deliverables. Maintains clear communication among internal planning and buying teams as well as external partners to ensure timely execution. In 2016 she obtained her Master’s Degree in Marketing from Florida International University.

Rose-Marie Nuninga, MS

“Today’s formula for a successful branding strategy is to take a holistic approach, incorporating; human insight, storytelling and overall customer experience. Regardless of the size of your business, or whether it is a B2B or B2C, all stakeholders, distribution channels, all touch points and all communication, visually and verbally, must emulate your brand. Consistency in your strategic branding, such as, brand experience, reflecting your brand promise, brand identity, and your value proposition, will all lead to a strong and powerful brand equity ultimately giving you a major competitive edge in today’s highly competitive and fluid market. Ultimately, your overall brand experience, how you present and bring awareness to your brand, how you deliver your product, and how you engage with your customers will define your brand success. It’s simply not just about the logo; it’s what you do with it and how you do it.  Regardless of your role in the business you will and should always reinforce your branding strategy.”

Rose current role is Sales, Marketing, and Branding & Trade Professional for the Travel & Tourism Industry specializing in the Caribbean & Mexico. Rose has over 25+ years of experience in the travel industry a highly competitive industry, she has come to fully understand and embrace the importance of branding in her overall business strategy and its correlation to the success of her business and her competitive position.


When it comes to personal branding it is all about you! It is the reputation you represent and how you’d like to be seen. After all, this is your persona we’re speaking about. Always try to put a positive authentic personal brand, it will follow you everywhere you go, it is a rewarding challenge in the end because you get to know who you are and are in tune with yourself. Finally, nurture your relationship and always network.