Methods in Conducting Qualitative Research

There are several ways to conduct qualitative research, but first, let me inform you on what a qualitative research is. Qualitative research aims to gain an understanding of a specific event and or organization, instead of a surface description of a large population sample. Qualitative research aims to provide an explicit rendering of the structure, order, and broad patterns found among a group of participants.

There are different types of methods to apply in qualitative research.

Interviews. You can either do one-on-one conversations in person, and or applications like zoom, GoogleHangout, Skype, GoToMeeting.

Set A Goal. Make sure before you being an qualitative research you have a full understanding of what you’re trying to achieve. This will get you started in coming up with the right questions to ask.

Open-ended survey questions. A text box in a survey that lets the respondent express their thoughts on the matter at hand freely.


Qualitative research is not easy to do, it requires a lot of precision and attention to detail, it is precise, you need to know who you are targeting as an audience and be fully aware of the questions you’re constructing and try to be as less bias as possible. I recommend you construct statements, goals, and analytics.